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July 15* - 安卓灯蓝官网下载 with Paul O'Neill (C'86, MPP'96) and Bennie Smith (C'86) Click HERE the full video.

July 29* - The NYC Real Estate Market Update with Nicole A. Orphanos (I'95) Click HERE to RSVP.


Featured Events:

For these and other exciting events, please visit 灯蓝安卓下载地址 for more information and to RSVP.

July 25* - 安卓灯蓝官网下载 with Julan De La Paz (F'15)

July 30* - Three Classic Cocktails with Paul Coughlin (C'86)

August 5* - Books & Cookies with Mary Giuliani (C'97) & Chudney Ross (C'97)

August 13* - 安卓手机与蓝牙模块联合调试(一)——蓝牙模块的串口通讯 ...:2021-8-28 · 安卓手机与蓝牙模块联合调试(一)—... m0_46647655:请问可以通过串口助手实现打印汉字吗怎么发送发送什么? 安卓手机与蓝牙模块联合调试(一)—... qq_43534714:最后可以连吗,我的情况和你的相似 Android遍历文件夹下的视频 with Mary Giuliani (C'97)

*Event will be conducted virtually.


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To read President DiGioia's May 31, 2020 letter to the Georgetown community, 蓝.灯专业版 please click HERE.

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